How to wash a wig and who explains it better. December 13, 2018 19:04

From time to time we like to have a little fun at our wig stores, amongst all the seriousness.

 Kate and I were have a discussion about washing a  wig tutorial. While discussing we found out we explained it a little different then each other. While trying to figure out who's way we were going to use in our Youtube Video, we decided to ask you guys to pick who explains it better. All in fun of course!!

What we both really wanted to make a point of, is how easy it is to actually wash your wig. How amazing they pop right back into place, that is if it is a synthetic wig. Now Human Hair is a little different, but that is another blog that we will do. The synthetic wigs just bounce right back into place after washing it is so amazing and so easy!!

Check out our video and we hope you have fun!!