How to wash a wig and who explains it better. December 13, 2018 19:04

From time to time we like to have a little fun at our wig stores, amongst all the seriousness.

 Kate and I were have a discussion about washing a  wig tutorial. While discussing we found out we explained it a little different then each other. While trying to figure out who's way we were going to use in our Youtube Video, we decided to ask you guys to pick who explains it better. All in fun of course!!

What we both really wanted to make a point of, is how easy it is to actually wash your wig. How amazing they pop right back into place, that is if it is a synthetic wig. Now Human Hair is a little different, but that is another blog that we will do. The synthetic wigs just bounce right back into place after washing it is so amazing and so easy!!

Check out our video and we hope you have fun!!

What Styles Are Best For Your Face? April 22, 2016 16:27

Ever wonder what style will look good on you? Well I always say it's like a room, when you walk into a room you don't want to see a bunch of clutter. You want to see want to see a beautiful space. With hair you want to people to look into your eyes. Not be distracted to the top of your head and not to be distracted to your chin.  So here is a little guide as to what hair style is good for your face shape.

Diamond - Reduce Width At Sides
The diamond-shaped face is characterized by a narrow chin and forehead with wide cheekbones. Diamond shaped faces need narrow sides and fullness at the chin. Bobs work very well. Avoid height on top or volume on the sides. Use some fringe or bangs to cover narrow forehead.

Heart - Add Volume At Chin
The heart-shaped face is characterized by a wider forehead and a narrower chin. Bring
some hair onto the forehead to disguise its width. Keep hair close to the head at the
eyes but make it slightly full around the jaw, and below and in front of the earlobes.

Oblong - Add Softness
The oblong-shaped face is characterized by a very long and narrow bone structure. An oblong facial shape often has a long, thin neck. Use a fringe or half-bang across the forehead by creating the soft waves or curls in the crown or nape areas. This helps to create the illusion of an oval.

Oval - Many Choices
As its name implies, the oval-shaped face is longer than wide, with a jaw that is
narrower than the cheekbones. Because the oval shaped face has no dominant
areas and is so proportional, this face looks good with just about any hairstyle,
length or texture.

Pear - Add Volume Above Jaw Line
The pear-shaped face is characterized by a small or narrow forehead and a rather
large pouchy-appearing jaw line. Comb hair to add width from the eye level through
the crown of the head. Set and comb hair close to the head on the sites and at the nape.

Round - Avoid Width
The round-shaped face is characterized by a wide hairline and fullness below the cheekbones. A geometric or linear style looks very good. Add height and long wispy sides to make the cheeks look narrow. Comb hair close to the head on the sides and the nape of the neck.

Square - Avoid Straight Lines                                                                                                  

The square shaped face is characterized by a wide hairline and jaw. Square shaped faces need height on top and narrowness at the sides. Comb the hair off the forehead to add height to the face. Curly texture and wisps of hair around the face break the wide, straight lines common to the square face.

Smart Lace Front Wigs April 14, 2016 12:43

Hi Guys,

I wanted to talk about how amazing the  Lace Front Wigs are. First what we always tell everyone is you should never touch the lace front, it's strong and durable but very delicate. It's a raw edge that is meant to look just like your own natural hair line. Whether its Human Hair, Synthetic, or a Heat Defiant wig, it is a great asset to wigs. Now when putting the the lace front wig on, it's a little different then putting on a non-lace front wig. After getting the wig on, you grab the wig hair in the front, again not the lace, and adjust the wig where you would like it to sit. Most likely it will be at your hair line. Now it is important that you do not see your own hair. You can see a video on our YouTube page at Betty's Wig Boutique channel. Then you will have a natural hairline, with options to pull your hair back without anyone knowing its a wig. Like I always say #notyourmamaswig. Let us know what topics you want to know about. We're here to help. Have a great day!!



Our First Blog Post April 7, 2016 12:40

Hi this is our very first blog. At Betty's we are professionally suited to access with your situation.  There are multiple reasons women look to us;  a medical reason, thinning hair, wanting your hair to relax from getting chemical treatments, use for the days you want to get out the door fast, or just for fun!!  We will help you through it all!! Our goal is to have you look and feel amazing. When it comes to a medical reason most people dread walking thru our doors. We always say "I promise when your done here you will feel so relieved that you can concentrate on the road to recovery." Sometimes getting a wig can be a scary thing but we will make the process so easy for you. We cry we laugh we have fun. We have woman come in saying, "I can lose my boobies but I can't lose my hair." This is where we come in and make it all ok!! As we say, these are not your mama's wigs. Please let us know what we can help you with, we're here to help!!