Smart Lace Front Wigs April 14, 2016 12:43

Hi Guys,

I wanted to talk about how amazing the  Lace Front Wigs are. First what we always tell everyone is you should never touch the lace front, it's strong and durable but very delicate. It's a raw edge that is meant to look just like your own natural hair line. Whether its Human Hair, Synthetic, or a Heat Defiant wig, it is a great asset to wigs. Now when putting the the lace front wig on, it's a little different then putting on a non-lace front wig. After getting the wig on, you grab the wig hair in the front, again not the lace, and adjust the wig where you would like it to sit. Most likely it will be at your hair line. Now it is important that you do not see your own hair. You can see a video on our YouTube page at Betty's Wig Boutique channel. Then you will have a natural hairline, with options to pull your hair back without anyone knowing its a wig. Like I always say #notyourmamaswig. Let us know what topics you want to know about. We're here to help. Have a great day!!