Our First Blog Post April 7, 2016 12:40

Hi this is our very first blog. At Betty's we are professionally suited to access with your situation.  There are multiple reasons women look to us;  a medical reason, thinning hair, wanting your hair to relax from getting chemical treatments, use for the days you want to get out the door fast, or just for fun!!  We will help you through it all!! Our goal is to have you look and feel amazing. When it comes to a medical reason most people dread walking thru our doors. We always say "I promise when your done here you will feel so relieved that you can concentrate on the road to recovery." Sometimes getting a wig can be a scary thing but we will make the process so easy for you. We cry we laugh we have fun. We have woman come in saying, "I can lose my boobies but I can't lose my hair." This is where we come in and make it all ok!! As we say, these are not your mama's wigs. Please let us know what we can help you with, we're here to help!!